Life is a journey.

It’s not always straightforward, with challenging curves and blind bends along the way.

Handling these obstacles can be testing, but no matter how bumpy the road may be at times, there are always turning points that can steer your life into an exciting new direction.

To assure you are safe and comfortable along this journey, it is important to have a reliable partner; one that understands the path ahead and will guide you with confidence and precision.

With febi, only the best quality is offered – steering you through the twists and turns in life, wherever it may take you.

Trust febi Steering & Suspension parts!

Right Range2021-10-12T14:21:52+02:00

febi provides one of the widest steering and suspension ranges with more than 10,000 articles to cover all popular European and Asian vehicle types. In addition, due to a Fast to Market approach, febi maintains constant research and development to ensure it provides the right parts at the right time.

Highest Quality2021-10-06T15:24:04+02:00

febi is a byword for steering and suspension products that satisfy the highest levels of manufacturing quality and installation reliability. With OE matching quality and intensive testing, febi guarantees that the products inside the box are of the finest standard.

Matching to OE2021-10-06T15:24:14+02:00

steering parts from febi precisely match the OE specification without any modifications to the intended and original design. This ensures that febi products are exactly as created by the vehicle manufacturer, providing a full level of comfort and safety to the vehicle owner.

In-house Production2021-10-06T15:24:28+02:00

bilstein group Engineering, our in-house manufacturing facility, use their expertise and top-quality machinery to produce selected steering and suspension components. febi is widely recognised for having the correct know-how and manufacturing competence.

febi Prokit2021-10-11T15:28:36+02:00

with more than 2,750 steering and suspension ProKits in range, febi offers an innovative and tailored solution. By providing kits which include all of the necessary parts (e.g. control arm bearings, mounting brackets, ball joints, spring lock washers) for quick and efficient repairs, workshops will save both time and money.

Your No. 1 for Steering & Suspension

Quality by Conviction
Care at Every Step of the Process

One of febi’s greatest strengths is reliability. This is ensured both with punctual product delivery and, above all, consistent product quality. At the same time, constant quality standards apply, which are assured with comprehensive, repeatedly performed product checks – from initial sample tests through to detailed incoming goods inspections.

These continuously challenge and reconfirm the claim of OE matching quality asserted for every steering and suspension component. Steering and suspension parts from febi comply precisely with the product standards of the respective original equipment suppliers, making us your strong partner in the Independent Aftermarket.

The febi Manufacturer Guarantee

Our Quality Promise – Your Added Value

As a parts specialist with manufacturing competence embedded in our history, febi only offers products with the highest degree of installation safety and durability.

To underline our high product quality standards to our customers worldwide, we provide a 3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee for all of our replacement parts. This is a real benefit for everyone who trusts in febi products and provides added value to wholesalers, workshops and car drivers.

Manufacturing Competence

We have a very long heritage in the metal processing industry dating back to 1844.

As a result, our in-house manufacturing facility – bilstein group Engineering – manufacture hundreds of steering and suspension components for febi.

All components go through a stringent 3-stage inspection process (against the OE equivalent) to ensure that they meet the high bilstein group quality standards.

Product Range

Steering & Suspension

febi is a byword for steering and suspension products that satisfy the highest demands of manufacturing quality and installation reliability.

We also set standards in terms of our programme: in the steering and suspension sector, febi provides one of the largest passenger car product ranges in the Independent Aftermarket – with more than 10,000 articles to cover all popular vehicle types.

With febi, you can be rest assured that we will always have the steering and suspension products for the latest vehicle generations on offer. Thanks to our dynamic new vehicle research process, we guarantee that we will always be fast to market.

Control Arms

An Alignment for Maximum Stability

The control arm is the mechanical link between the suspension strut and body and therefore is one of the most important functional components for passenger cars. At the same time, control arms also ensure correct wheel alignment. They hold the suspension strut in position and absorb forces in longitudinal and transverse directions during acceleration, deceleration and cornering.

Ball Joints

Safety and Quality Combined

The supporting ball joint connects the control arm to the suspension strut. The main task of the ball joint is to support the steering knuckle and to hold the widely-used McPherson strut in position at the base. As a safety-relevant component, the ball joint must absorb the forces exerted during braking, acceleration and cornering.

Tie Rods

Perfect Connection Guaranteed

Tie rods connect the steering gear to the crossmembers of the front wheels and ensure that both wheels turn together and maintain a specific angle relative to each other.

Tie Rod Ends

Precise Control of Your Destination

The outer tie rod end transfers the movement from the steering wheel to the wheels and allows the wheels to move relative to the vertical axis. In order to be effective, the steering system has to turn the wheels at the same rate and along the same plane in any condition of both the car and the road. A worn tie rod end can result to abnormal wear patterns on the tyres and erratic steering feel.

Inner Tie Rods

Always on Track

The tie rod consists of an inner tie rod and a tie rod end. The inner tie rod is connected to the steering. The main function of this part is to convey the steering motion to the wheels. This keeps the vehicle in the right lane.

Stabiliser Links

The Basis for Optimal Dynamics

The stabiliser link – also referred to as a sway bar link – is an important component for the driving dynamics of a passenger car. It connects the stabiliser bar to the body and as a part of the suspension, stabilises the vehicle especially when cornering by reducing roll, i.e. the tilting of the body structure towards the outside of the curve.

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febi ProKits

Complete Kits. Non-Stop Repairs.

With over 2,750 Steering and Suspension ProKits available, febi provides a remedy by offering appropriate assembly kits, particularly for steering and suspension components, which include all the necessary mounting parts (e.g. control arm bearings, mounting brackets, ball joints, spring lock washers, etc.) for quick and efficient repairs.

febi ProKit is the tailor-made total solution with which required repairs can be completed without delay.

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